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The NAGA Group founders turned their passion into a huge international business and are now sharing all their insights and results with you in their co-written book: “Passion to Wealth — The Mountain Climber’s Shortcut”
Find out exactly how you can start turning passion into wealth in the NAGA World with our free ebook!
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi (youngest person ever licensed to run a bank in Europe)
Benjamin Bilski (Forbes “30 under 30”)

Benefit from the knowledge

We offer a concrete explanation of tools of turning passion into wealth — for everyone k(not a theoretical “Whitepaper”).
Play, communicate, grow, enjoy. Your passion can indeed drive your wealth, and your wealth, in turn, can drive your passion. Our considerably small book will show you how!

Documentary Movie:
Reset — The Blockchain Revolution

The financial crisis of 2008 completely shook the world. Thanks to blockchain technology this ill-fated system has seen the biggest change in mindset ever since its creation. In this film, experts sketch the future of a financial system that is based on blockchain technology.
We would also like to offer you to watch a free movie about blockchain and ways it is revolutionising the world.
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